Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Defines You ?

Is there one animal that defines you?  What about the lion for its courage, or the bear for its strength—maybe it’s the cheetah for its speed? 
We often use make-up, clothes and hair styles to guide how we want the outside world to view us.  Sometimes we take this practice to the next level.  Females pierced their ears lobes and later, men followed suit.  Men got tattoos and woman followed suit, then both sexes expanded beyond ear lobes to… just about everywhere! 
Perhaps the next level of self-expression is body modification.  People are visiting establishments where there are technicians who insert devices beneath the skin to create this new body art.  One man who performs these procedures on “patients” manufactures his own tools because there are few medical instruments that satisfy his surgical needs.  Of course, as with piercings and tattoos there is a wide range of personal expression using body modification.  Check out this video to see how one man chose to combine piercings, tattoos and body modification.     

Interesting, huh?
So, if you could wear a symbol, special tattoo, or piece of artwork on your forehead for one day, what would you choose to define yourself to the world?       


Anonymous said...

I'd say this guy needs to watch "Don't Bite Your friends"! (from previous post). I would wear a cross on my forehead to show I'm a Christian, but then would the oddity of it being on my forehead blur my message? I often wear a cross necklace. I find I wonder about why people who are NOT Christians wear crosses. Does anyone know?

Bethanie said...

I like your choice. Let's go deeper. Would acquaintances be surprised/shocked by your symbol or would the symbol confirm their thoughts about you?

Anonymous said...

I think it would probably confirm their thoughts--I hope! Even before I was a Christian, people thought I was a "prude" for some reason. As I've thought about your blog further, I thought, instead of a cross, I'd put a Bible verse! It would be a much more direct and clear message. And which verse? Not sure; it'd have to be pretty short.

christinec said...