Monday, February 28, 2011

Mutiny At My House

Last week we had family time around the television.  My husband had the remote.  Let’s just say that even with several hundred channels, it’s not easy to find Sunday night shows that please the entire family.  We do enjoy Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America.  We also watched part of Family Game Night on the Hub.  That’s a fun show that includes kids as part of the competition.  Then later on, we discovered Infested.  That show was about a family whose property, inside and out, had a MAJOR ant problem! 
After that, the television choices took a nose dive.  Once my channel-surfing hubby flipped on The Three Stooges, somebody (hmm, was it me?) suggested that a mutiny might be necessary to recover the remote.   The Three Stooges was one thing, but when the next show came on—enough already!  The kids were mortified and we launched a remote revolt!  The kids tackled my husband’s arms and legs and and I grabbed the coveted remote.  Take a look at the show that caused a mutiny at my house:

Not only did my hubby make the mistake of switching to Hee Haw, but he had started singing the songs!  He has a great memory for music; he can sing old jingles and introductions to TV show from decades ago.  If you're not familiar with it, Hee Haw is a country music variety show from 19-too-far-back.  Oh sure, the kids like Wild Kingdom and Animal Planet, but in an era of DisneyRadio, Hee Haw is a real flash from the past.  One of the kids yelled, “He tried to make us watch a farm show!”   It’s not exactly a farm show, but it does include its fair share of cornstalks, hay, and overalls.   There’s nothing wrong with farm shows per se, but today’s TV programming is soooo different.   Hee Haw often reminds me of the 1930’s painting, American Gothic (think pitchfork), by Grant Wood which actually has an interesting history.    
Hey, we all have different tastes—and that’s OK.  Wouldn’t life be a boring if everyone liked the same things?  So, the question of the day is: Which one of your favorite television shows mortifies your friends and family and keep it clean, people!                   

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An hilarious clip!