Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Bowl 2011 - The Other One

Did you see it?  This time we are talking about the 2011 Super Bowl.  I’m not exactly the world’s biggest football fan, but who doesn’t look forward to seeing some of the year’s most creative and expensive commercials ($3 million, whew!). If they’re going to be that expensive, they had better be good!
I had a few favorite commercials from the game, but the specific details are sketchy now, hmmm, perhaps their promotional money wasn’t so well-spent.  One of the ones I do remember is short—that always helps.  Check it out:

The guy with the chips missed the big tip-off after his co-worker whispered in his ear.  That was the signal to leave the break-room.  Why  doesn't the guy go buy his own bag?  Have you ever bought something to eat and your friend eats more of it than you do?  
Anyway, the chips are pretty good.  I’m not defending the finger-sucker, but what ARE you supposed to do with all of that cheesy, powdery goodness that's left on your fingers?  Hide it from creepy co-workers, apparently.  
Personally, I like most crunchy snacks, (pita chips, yum!) but I keep it under control, usually. The question is:  Do you know someone with a particular food obsession? What outrageous lengths to they go to keep it (hiding?) or eat it?  Come on, tell us. We can keep a secret….

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