Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Change A Comin'?

Are you looking for a change?  I think we're all looking for one, be it political, economic, or maybe just a small change in daily life.   
Nowadays, it seems everyone supports  a social cause or issue like protecting the environment or the unborn, eradicating hunger or homelessness, curing breast cancer or Multiple Sclerosis.  The realist in me knows we’ll never have a perfect world, but the idealist in me wonders why we can’t try to come close.
We’ll only make progress by tackling problems one step at a time.  So, let’s try a social experiment.  We can’t eliminate crime overnight, but how about if we pledge to drive at the speed limit—brace yourself—for three days.    Was that a groan?   The interesting thing is that someone is thinking, “No way!”  (Was that you ?) It’s as if we’re suggesting breaking the law rather than following it!  Let’s not forget to encourage the people on the phone who get distracted (it’s still legal here) and drive under the speed limit to participate, too. 
Just think, if we continued our little social experiment  for a whole year, instead of giving out speeding tickets, law enforcement might have to get some ideas from this prank:

So, remember: drive at the speed limit for three days and report back to us about your experience.  You can do it!!   Ready? Set? GO!!   

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