Saturday, February 13, 2016

If We Wing It

We’ve been spoiled by whopping seventy-degree temperatures in December. Folks in our parts aren’t used to the -20° F feel-like temperatures predicted for this weekend. When it comes to trudging through those kind of conditions, people in Alaska are prepared. Are we ready for what’s coming? We trot from car door to store door with nothing but a light jacket. Unless you’re a skier, most of us don’t own a suitable selection of warm hats, gloves, and winter scarves. If the polar vortex continues to bring more bone-chilling weather, we’ll need to get prepared. Check out this out:


Pull out the bungee cord. It’s not the winter tool I expected, but the guy must know something if he survives regular sub-zero weather. Plus, he had the engine block running, so he’ll be good to go. Since we’re unfamiliar with extreme conditions, guess what we’ll do? We’ll wind up winging it. We’ll be creative and survive a few vortex days, but winging it doesn’t always work. What happened the last time you went into a situation totally unprepared?         

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