Saturday, February 20, 2016

After the Plunge

Believe it or not, we’re winding down on the remaining weeks of winter, and in these parts, it hasn’t been that cold. Oh sure, the polar vortex visited, but only for a day or two. In fact, the last time it blew through those of us who like to take a dip in the ocean on a cold winter day did so. And, that amazes me because I get chilled during a summer breeze, so I can’t imagine doing the Polar Bear Plunge. Although this winter dip usually raises money for charity, it sounds like torture to me. Last week when they took the Plunge, I heard the barely bearable cold required that extra emergency staff be on hand. That’s one way to experience total body frostbite. Weird things happen in the cold. Like this:

Unexpected storms stop people in their tracks. We had a moderate squall blow through last week, and I ended up cancelling my travel plans. It’s one thing to prepare when you know a storm is coming, but it’s another thing to get caught right in the middle of one without forewarning or protection. The storms of life come in all shapes and sizes, with some lasting longer than others, but eventually, we get through them. What kind of “spring” (benefit) have you experienced on the other side of your biggest storm?      

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