Friday, February 26, 2016

Doing the Heavy Lifting

During last week’s storm, strong winds took down a tree limb in a relative’s yard. Measuring about twelve feet long, the thick branch fell across the walkway creating a tripping hazard. Although I managed to push it aside, the weight of it caught me off-guard. No wonder fallen limbs damage homes and cars. Rotted or dead tree branches typically end up falling off when high winds come along, and sometimes fierce winds call for some serious tree cutting. That can be a tricky job, just ask this guy:

Not everyone should wield a chainsaw. If you’re planning to cut down a full-grown tree, it’s best to think about how, when, and why you’re doing it, otherwise you could wind up with some unanticipated damage. Doesn’t that sound like life? When we take a chainsaw approach to handling problems, chopping and slicing the wrong way, we’re destined to rack up a heap of sadness, disappointment, and regret.          

What’s really the best way to deal with your heaviest problem?        

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