Saturday, August 1, 2015

When Your Door Opens

Remember that satisfied feeling you get after traveling a distance and finally checking in at the hotel desk? You made it. With a key in hand, you head for the elevator, hoping for a clean room and a comfortable bed. Your heart might skip a little as you slide the key in the lock because the last thing you want to do is find a problem with the room, forcing you to trudge back to the front desk.

We lived that situation last week. With high expectations, we slid the key in the lock, opened the door, and…surprise! Someone had turned on TV, but not only that—he was seated on the bed, enjoying a show. Not good, and not what we expected. The front desk goofed. Bewildered about how we received the key to an occupied room, we plodded back downstairs for a new room. You never know what’s behind a closed door. Look what goes on at one resort:

Conspiracy theories will always accompany closed door gatherings. We’ll find one of two scenarios behind closed doors: the expected or the unexpected. Is there a “closed door” in your life? When it opens, what do you hope to discover?    

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