Friday, August 7, 2015

Who’s on the Throne in 2016?

Can you believe it’s time for political debates and discussions about presidential elections? After I updated our kids about the presidential candidates’ recent comments and decisions, our youngest child remarked, “This is like a bad dream.” Let’s hope the dream gets better—for us and for our children.
Young people always offer interesting insights. Kids, no matter where they live, often surprise us with their ideas about politics. Have a listen:


Kids may not know everything about being president, but talking about politics is the first step toward raising future voters. Let’s hope kids realize their voices can make a positive difference, despite the political behaviors they see. Based on the current political environment so far, we’d better strap ourselves in for the bumpy ride to Election Day. Maybe during the 2016 election campaign, there'll be less bickering and more talk about  solutions for the nation's problems. 

Financial status, upbringing, and other personal experiences drive the candidates’ political positions. You probably have one or two key issues that drive the kind of candidate you’ll follow. Thinking about those topics, which of your personal views cause you to support those issues?   

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