Wednesday, January 14, 2015

(Not) A Walk in the Park

When did Alaska get so popular? Cable TV airs several shows featuring the state and its newest residents who, by moving there, prove they don’t always need neighbors or indoor restrooms. While we complain about polar vortexes and single digit temperatures, they’re fine with sub-zero weather. If it’s a cold wilderness you want, Alaska’s the place to go. Alaskan winters are tough, but people tolerate them for the freedom and solitude of peaceful living. Life in the wilderness isn’t for everyone, but for resilient folks, it’s perfect. Here's someone's version of paradise:

The gentleman makes living alone in Alaska look easy.  Once the trend catches on and hordes of people abandon their busy lifestyles for an isolated log cabin, you’ll see shows like “Buying North Dakota and ”Buying Wyoming.” If summer breezes give you goose bumps, you probably won’t relocate to Alaska. But when you want a bit of solitude, where do you go?       

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