Saturday, January 10, 2015

It’s Super Natural

Anything not nurtured is unlikely to grow. For instance, consider the little tree in our yard that’s been the same size for years. In winter, it stands there battling the ice and snow. In the summer, somehow it endures the sun’s scorching heat. When a brown group of leaves emerge, I expect the tree to dry up and die, but the brown leaves fall off and the tree remains. It’s  either a dwarf tree or a miracle tree. Of course, I prefer to call it a miracle tree because it survives every challenge the weather brings. Here’s another survivor:
The video seemed to show a miracle, but the hiker gave a scientific explanation for every aspect of the amazing scene. Typically, we assume that whatever science can explain isn’t a miracle. Is that always true? People will accept a scientific theory until the next theory trumps the last one, so maybe science doesn’t have the final say about everything. What do you say? What miracles have you experienced?   


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