Friday, April 5, 2013

No Debt Ceiling

They say I owe millions, but I disagree. It’s really about several hundred thousand dollars. I blame my debt on the game our family plays at mealtime. Anyone caught staring is fined, and it’s usually for a couple thousand dollars per offense. Since my mealtime seat faces the window, I can’t help gazing out at the beautiful scenery. Every now and then, I get lost in nature and lost in thought, and that’s when I get fined. I don’t know how this crazy game started, but I do know that I’m not paying!

Debt is a funny thing. It creeps up on you and before you know it—bam!—you’ve got a big problem. Let’s see how these folks handle it.


Married and cooped up with the parents. I’m pretty sure that was not this couple’s plan. How do we get trapped in debt? It can be a fun ride getting there, but once the expenses mount up, somebody has to pay. Given our consumer-driven society, debt can be difficult to avoid. Most of us have some type of debt like a mortgage, a car payment or a credit card. What about non-financial debt? Have you been bailed out of a spot so tight that no amount of money can repay the deed? Is there someone you owe in a big way?          

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