Friday, April 19, 2013

More Than a Cart Decision

I have a hidden talent that doesn’t show up until I enter a grocery store. You see, I have the keen ability to pick the wonkiest shopping cart in the corral.  Once I get fifteen yards inside the store entrance, the nonsense starts. The cart’s wheels wobble in different directions turning the shopping experience into an athletic event as I struggle to steer clear of people and products. On another visit, I might grab a different cart with the wheels that make squeaky, squealing noises causing temporary brain injury. In today’s economy, store managers would much rather generate sales than repair rogue carts. I imagine managers advising complaining customers to simply avoid the wacky carts (as if I could). See if this poor gentleman can sidestep shopping cart wackiness:


Showdowns! That explains why the carts malfunction. I can’t believe those two engaged in a two-minute shopping cart dance and never spoke a word—no communication whatsoever. We’ll make smarter decisions and experience better results when we talk to the right people, especially to those who provide good insight, advice and direction. Who’s your best advisor when you need sound guidance for important decisions?    

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