Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is This Point of No Return?

Are we at the point of no return? After this week’s heat blast, can ninety-degree temperatures be far away? Think about the parts of the country just weathered ice and snow storms. Was that the norm for the midwest? Perhaps April or May will make history as the craziest Spring on record. 

We are teetering at a point of no return, the point at which anything’s possible. Just when situations seem predictable—things change again. Years ago, certain types of news stores stories were rare. Today we have more of everything—more mass shootings, more political indiscretions, more polar ice caps melting, more somebody (fill in a horrible and bizarre act) somebody. It feels like society’s spiraling out-of-control, but we cruise along as if all’s well. Listen to how we will have further opportunities to change; some scientists call it progress, while others say it’s horrendous.     


Everyone wants discoveries to cure diseases and repair or replace failing body parts. It’s interesting how when scientists develop cures and medical advances, somebody always crosses the line and uses the technology to create a horror story. What do you think about transhumanism and its potential impact on society?                

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