Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Nationwide Epidemic

We’re in the midst of a nationwide epidemic. No, I’m not talking about the flu. I’m referring to how so many of us kick off the year with a new exercise routine. I’m jumping on the bandwagon by doing a DVD workout program at home. Since I’ve exhausted the health benefits from running track in high school decades ago, I’ll need to dig deep into my energy reserves to finish this program. I’m so committed that I’m going to work out more than twice a month. Oh yeah, I’m going for the finish line! After having completed two DVD sessions already, I can tell you this exercise program is insane. You know you’re in for a tough time when the assistants look as though they want to crawl away and sleep. I like that. It gives me a legitimate reason to rest on the sofa for a second or two, or twenty or….  Some people will put themselves through anything to get in shape. Take a look:


I don’t know what the audience thinks, but it’s probably not much different from what we’re thinking. Did you catch the first exercise in the demonstration? It’s priceless.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to recondition your mind, body or soul?   

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