Friday, January 25, 2013

Are You a Believer?

We’re becoming a nation of skeptics. We never know when to trust our eyes and ears. For instance, earlier this week my husband talked to our kids about how practice and hard work is an important aspect of success. He mentioned Michael Jordan’s athletic career and the rigorous practices that helped him to excel. He also cited athletes who failed to blend talent with hard work and, as a result, fizzled out. He even reminded the kids of how their practices played a role in their own accomplishments. The examples built a compelling case for the merits of practice and hard work. After listening and soaking up every word of the discussion, our youngest asked, “Do you have any statistics on that?” Statistics? Really? Had we produced statistics, I can imagine the next question: Where did you get these numbers?

Sometimes we have to assess situations based on available evidence, prior experience and common sense regardless of what we see and hear. Check out this video and see if you’re a believer:   

What do you think—is the fish real? Technology enables us to fabricate the simplest and most outrageous situations and then document them as if they’re true events. We’re on a slippery slope when our eyes and ears serve as the basis for what we believe.  

What extraordinary cultural phenomenon do you believe in and why?       


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