Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Insanity Continues

My new DVD workout seemed insane at first, but after tackling a few sessions it wasn’t as exhausting as in the beginning. Oh, it’s still a great cardio challenge, but much less intimidating. The interesting part about experiences that spill outside the parameters of our initial expectations is this: once we eliminate the element of surprise, we see things differently. This video will surprise and puzzle you:
Is that insanity or what? The scene happened in Devil’s Pool at the Victoria waterfalls in Zambia.  Despite the fear, it looked like everyone had fun. The question is: Why didn't they go swirling over the edge? I investigated and I discovered that a natural rock wall located at the water’s edge prevents swimmers from falling several hundred feet to their deaths—forget about rock walls, it still looks dangerous to me. I’m no daredevil, so I don’t see myself jumping into Devil’s Pool. Many people have an innate need to stare death in the face, push past their fears, and go for what seems inconceivable. It’ a new year, what seemingly impossible—some may say insane—activities do you plan to accomplish in 2013?    

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