Friday, September 7, 2012

Supply-Side Education

It’s back-to-school shopping time again. This is the season in which we endure or enjoy the hustle and bustle of checking the supplies list and running from store to store for the best deals as the cash flows from our pockets. If you have children, you can identify with this scenario. If not, you get to enjoy the benefits of office supply sales. When you’re in stores this week, take advantage of the remaining back-to-school sales. Great deals exist and some items will only cost a penny. You’re going to need pens, paper, folders or notepads at some point so you may as well load up your shopping cart. Flexible rulers make great Christmas gifts, don’t they?    

My informal research indicates that kids fall into two camps: those who are ready to return to school and the other half—not so much. Our kids fall into the not-so-much camp. Despite their initial reluctance, I hope all kids enjoy a year full of new possibilities and achievements. Listen to how one school flips the script:

 The students appear excited about the new home and class routine.  It seems like a simple, inexpensive plan. Let’s hope test scores rise and the students learn a lot. In your opinion, what’s the main thing kids need to learn in their schools this year?


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit indifferent on this one. I think innovation is in education is great as long as the core focus is increased learning (not just improved test scores).

Certainly increased ability to provide individual attention is a huge benefit, if the number of students in the class room aren't too large an if teachers can be sure to apply the same amount of attention to all students so no one feels shorted.

Catching lectures online at home is great if ALL students have computer and Internet access. As of now I'm sure that's the case.

Will parents view this as a way to exempt them from the responsibilities of helping their children with homework? There is that possibility.

Again, I fully support innovation as long as it is geared to addressing the root causes of problems.

After all it is our children's futures that are impacted.

Just a thought.

Bethanie said...

...and it's great to see students excited about learning. A good attitude will go a long way.