Thursday, September 20, 2012

Having It All

Here’s a name that grabs attention—Honey Boo Boo. No doubt you know about the little pageant girl whose family stars in a TV reality show. Despite how you feel about the show, I think Honey Boo Boo’s mama, June Shannon, is a survivor and one shrewd woman. She’s a dumpster diver and an extreme couponer who brings her kids on her adventures and passes along her skills. When the freight train chugs past their house, don’t be surprised if Ms. Shannon jumps on board and rides it straight to the bank. We may not agree with everything she does, but I commend her for providing for her family. If we look beyond the family and pageantry dynamics, I suspect we’ll discover that June Shannon has a deeper story to tell, one that would inspire the wealthy and the poor.

While most discussions about the American Dream focus on upward financial mobility, the road to financial prosperity includes sacrifices and concessions. Here’s a guy who weighed the costs and decided that he’s content right where he is. Does he have it all?  See what you think:                     

Clearly, not all of us want or need the house with the white picket fence. Our level of contentment has a lot to do with self-image and values. Excluding money, what else factors into your vision of the American Dream?

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