Friday, May 4, 2012

Those Special Eyes

When’s the last time you had a thorough eye examination? I’m referring to the exams where the eye drops dilate your pupils causing you to cower from the sun like a vampire. During my recent eye exam, I heard about the “yellow” drops and I thought that meant the medicine had a yellow color. It did. After I dabbed the liquid from the corner of my eye, I saw that the medicine was more than yellow—it was neon yellow. Moments later, waiting for the drops to work, I looked in the mirror and discovered that the white part of my eyeball had turned yellow, too. That’s when I saw the potential for a new product. Remember the contact lenses that changed the color of your pupils? Why hasn’t someone marketed a product to color the whites of your eyes? Young people and trendy fashionistas would love it.

Eyeball tattoos are not as foreign as they might sound. Several creative folks have already forged ahead and tattooed their friends’ eyeballs. Let’s take a look at their handiwork:

I’m back-pedaling. I thought people would love eye tattoos, but they’re far too risky to be a widely popular trend and the possibility of infection and blindness outweighs fashion. One comment from the inmate caught my attention: He might be one of four or five people in the world with eye tattoos. His statement sounds like a yearning for uniqueness. News flash! We’re all special and unique; unfortunately, too few people realize it. 

Given all of the things that make you unique, what’s the one thing that makes you feel extra-special?        

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