Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two-Ply or Not 2Ply?

Whether driving across country on vacation or whizzing around town for chores, we quickly notice atypical license plates. While some plates shout a clear message, others knock our brains into overload with a slew of seemingly meaningless numbers and letters. Do you think vanity plate owners care if we misinterpret the names and messages displayed on their fancy plates? One wrong interpretation could cause a lot of strange looks.

For instance, earlier this week I noticed a license plate that read: I lik 2ply. Really? How surprising that someone enjoys bathroom tissue enough to publicize it on a license plate. Sure, we all have opinions and preferences regarding brands and softness, but who wants to bring it into a public forum? I mean, besides me.  So, after pointing out the license plate to my mother, she read it aloud, “I like to play” (kudos to her because she kept a straight face). Oh. I got it. “I lik 2ply” meant “I like to play!”  Hmmm, maybe the owner of that plate is a wonderful musician or a great athlete who likes to broadcast their talent to the world, or perhaps they simply see themselves as a big, fun-loving person. I always want to hear the story behind a good vanity plate but, after seeing this video, maybe I’m better off not knowing.

Here’s your chance. If you could create your own vanity plate using seven letters, what meaningful name or message would you want fellow drivers to read?              

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