Friday, December 2, 2011

The Real Deal

Have you noticed how people and situations seem normal and ordinary at first glance? People mosey about their daily activities, kids go to school and parents go to work. But upon closer examination, you’ll find that everything is not as it appears.
Watch how things unfold. Every so often packages show up at your door only to be whisked away from the light of day and tucked into a nook or cranny. Look around. You may find a box or two stuffed in a rarely used closet, under a bed or stashed in the basement. Day by day the house percolates with more and more packages, shopping bags, wrapping paper and ribbons, (don’t forget tape) all in preparation for Christmas.
Just prior to roasting and hosting for holiday gatherings, we go public by adorning our homes with decorations, inside and out. Suddenly, there’s an explosion of color: twinkling lights, glimmering candles and a beautiful tree placed just right. If you’re not in the holiday mood, you will be after hearing the carols play over and over and over. When a smile plays at the corner of your mouth—you’ve caught the Christmas spirit!
Since the kids in our family are older, they understand the real deal about Santa. You know, the inside scoop about how ordinary men wear the red outfit, listen to gift requests and shake the donation bell—Santa can’t be everywhere at once.    
How do store managers decide which candidates will make good Santas? Do managers ask to hear a ho, ho, ho or do candidates take personality tests? On the surface many Santas look the part, but somehow I doubt store management expected this riveting performance.

Wow. No one expects a boogie-woogie Santa. He must be an impersonator. I’m sure you’ve experienced your share of fakes and phonies and can spot something genuine when you see it. What’s authentic? Who or what is the real deal?        

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