Saturday, December 31, 2011

Predicting 2012

Are you frightened? Have you heard about the predictions for 2012?  Some folks believe a non-technical Y2K kind of world-wide event will occur this year. If you remember Y2K, the transition from 1999 to 2000, caused quite a stir among companies and agencies. Businesses launched expensive efforts to ensure that computer systems continued to function properly with the new year’s arrival.  IT experts feared computers would incorrectly interpret the switchover from ’99 to ’00 and wreak havoc with our financial investments, systems and operations. Nothing catastrophic happened back then, but now here we go again with new predictions for the coming year.    
It’s a little different this time. According to certain people and the ancient Mayans, a change is on the agenda for 2012. Actually, before we attribute the scare to the Mayans, let’s review how they’re connected to the hype. It seems that a part of the Mayan culture’s calendar, which covers over five thousand years, ends at 2012. So, some people think that this ending signifies the end of time and our planet’s demise. Is there a leap in logic here? Has this ever happened to you? After working for long periods of time on a colossal project, at a certain point, you just want it to end. Here’s my take: The Mayans grew bored with calendar-making, they put an easier system in place and moved on to completing their pyramids, or some other fascinating project. Like kids with toys at Christmas, when the fun ends, it's time to move on. Apparently everyone has an opinion about 2012. Listen to a more serious comment on the 2012 hullabaloo: 
I guess we’ll have to wait and see what actually happens this year. Maybe there won’t be a catastrophic earthquake or a planet crashing into earth, but I know someone will graduate, get married, find a job, start a family, start a business, travel or create a new invention.  What are your public or personal predictions for 2012?                        

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