Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Ripples or Going with the Flow?

Mob psychology refers to the tendency for an individual, when part of a large group, to adopt the group’s behavior, even if that behavior goes against the individual’s normal beliefs or morals.  You’ve seen news footage where sports enthusiasts rejoice about a huge win, fan out into the streets to celebrate, and then someone decides to break store windows. Suddenly, law-abiding citizens join the law-breakers to create mass destruction.
The word “mob” reminds me of movies that depict unsavory characters engaging in criminal activity but, add the word “flash” and you have a totally different type of entertainment. I enjoy watching videos of good flash mobs, and fortunately, the Internet is full of their antics.  Their public pranks brighten a ho- hum day, and the bystanders’ responses are priceless, especially when they join in and have as much fun as the mob. You may find yourself singing along to this video:   

Some flash mobs work for weeks or months to synchronize their dance steps. If you’re part of a flash mob, you do what the group does. In daily life, copying a crowd’s behavior can be fun or it can be illegal. In general, are you usually making ripples (and waves) or going with the flow? Why?       


Anonymous said...

What an awesome video!! Thanks for sharing. MUCH more positive than the "flash mob" of youths who just robbed the Sears store this week.

Bethanie said...

Yes, we defintely want to avoid the other type of flash mob. Stick with the good and legal entertainment.