Sunday, October 15, 2017

Where the Power Is

When is the last time anyone talked about “selling wolf tickets?” This is another old school word. I’m not a linguist, but here’s my definition. Selling wolf tickets refers to an assertive speech peppered with claims to back up the talk with potential resources, ability, or intent. For various reasons, the audience often believes the speaker lacks the credibility to support or follow through on their claims. Basically, the audience thinks the speaker is bluffing, trash-talking, or to use another term, talking smack. Listen to this:

Although the hand gestures look convincing, this is an example of what audiences hear when someone is selling wolf tickets. It’s usually a case of talking loud and saying nothing, but that’s not always true. In a friendly debate concerning a topic you’re passionate about, what “wolf tickets” could you sell because you possess the wisdom, power, or experience to support your claims?     

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