Saturday, October 21, 2017

What About Them?

Not all mammals go to heaven. Obviously, that’s only one opinion since some people believe they’ll see Fluffy or Fido in the afterlife. What about racoons or bears—will they be left out? It’s weird imagining everything on Noah’s ark, flying and running around heaven. But, it’s not too difficult to imagine monkeys lying beside tigers or birds hanging out with cats. They do it now. Somehow, they overcome their basic instincts, doing what “higher species” have a difficult time doing. Take a look:


 The key is exposure. The trio has been together since their early years, and there’s no reason to quit at this point. Unfortunately, people box themselves into categories, then erect walls to segment themselves even more. If a cat and bear can get along, surely, we can do as much. What people do you avoid, and how can you reach out to them now?      

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