Sunday, September 24, 2017

Inside You

Manufacturers realize if their product is great, people will flock to it. That’s probably why  many people bought the same vehicle that we did. While that’s good for the for company, it’s not as wonderful for us because we keep encountering the same situation.

One day, after leaving the store, we headed toward our van in the parking lot. I unlocked the vehicle and all three of us tugged at the handle of a different door. For some reason, not one door opened. Peering inside the vehicle make everything crystal clear—it wasn’t our van. To make the situation even more ridiculous, as we hurried away from a stranger’s car, my one child yelled, “Abort, abort” as if we had failed at some wicked master plan. Any two or more things that look the same on the outside can be surprisingly different on the inside. Take a look:


Three-year-olds may appear similar in size, but after a few conversations with one, you’ll understand how different they can be, especially with someone like Alexis. We often make snap judgments about people, putting them in the boxes we think they should inhabit until we dig a little deeper to discover who they are and what they think. During ordinary conversations, what surprising detail might someone learn about you?    

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