Saturday, September 16, 2017

Do Something Different

Few adults would pass up an opportunity for a good catnap or a restful night’s sleep. I’m always interested in both, so my odd-story-antennae perked up when I spotted an article about a man who lived to age ninety-six—and never slept. Born in the 1800’s, Albert Herpin shunned the circus exhibition circuit to hold a job and lead an uneventful and somewhat isolated life. It’s a remarkable story, but I need more facts to believe it because doctors never stated that Herpin didn’t sleep with his eyes open. Getting to the truth can be difficult. See if you believe this:


Humans are incredible creatures. Most of us function the same, but every so often we discover someone who can’t sleep, can’t wake up, or does astonishing things while hovering somewhere in between. What if everyone lived ordinary lives during the day and became superheroes, accomplished artists, or someone extraordinary at night? Maybe it’s possible to live an extraordinary life during the day. What’s the easiest way for you to become out-of-this-world awesome?         

Herpin story appeared in Courier Post & Weird NJ Magazine

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emma bruce said...

What was left out was the dangers of sleep-walking. Many sleep walkers have accidents while out and about - one person died after walking off the top floor of a building. I regularly wake exhausted and with bruises - I think I sometimes get up and exercise. My son used to get up crying and sometimes screaming - night terrors. For all the world he appeared to be awake - it took me months to realize that he was actually asleep during these night-time outbursts.

I don't want to roam about in my sleep even if it makes me capable of doing amazing things that I otherwise wouldn't do. I like know what I'm doing and why.

Awesome doesn't have to be so .... out there.