Sunday, August 6, 2017

Designated Survivor?

I dislike flies, especially when they’re inside our house. Few things are more annoying than chasing those little critters while they zip from one room to another. They gravitate to the windows trying to find a way out, but that only makes them easier to swat. I expect to find them flying around the kitchen searching for crumbs, but once they migrate to bedrooms I declare war. 

This week a fly had the guts to visit the bedroom and then sat on the bathroom sink alongside the soap. I lump soap and food together as the most unsettling places a fly can land. You never know what type of disgusting germs a fly will bring from its last adventure. In short, the fly that entered our house is…gone. It should have stayed with its buddies, like this explorer.


Did you feel like a wandering fly, heading toward the light, yet unsure if you’ll reach safety? Drifting off the main trail quickly causes disorientation and trouble, but our adventurous natures usually win out and we wander away anyhow. What kind of groups or people will prevent you from wandering into messy situations?                 


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