Saturday, January 28, 2017

No News is Good News

They say no news is good news, and that’s often true. I usually don’t hear from our kids while they’re at school, but one of them called home one afternoon. Imagine my surprise when a calm voice said, “Hi. My school is on fire.” After some explanation, I discovered that everyone had been safely evacuated, and in fact, the school wasn’t on fire. The smoke originated from something near the school. Crisis averted. Life returned to normal as the students marched back inside.

It’s a good I could receive that call. Accessibility for emergencies is good, but non-stop accessibility is not. We’re constantly connecting to people and digesting news feeds through our electronics. Regularly disconnecting from it all allows us to find our happy place. Maybe yours looks like this:    


It’s hard to tell who enjoyed the situation more—the shoveler or the spectator. If you’ve found a different kind of happy place, how do you get there?


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emma bruce said...

Life has taught me that happiness comes from within and due to personal circumstances I began letting go of a lot of things outside of myself. I slowly decluttered my home, my life, and then my inner-self. It's a very sedate happiness, but it's a warm, comforting happiness. :)

I would, of course, enjoy watching a T-Rex shovel. How do they manage with those tiny appendages?