Saturday, January 21, 2017

In the Name of Change

 It feels like change is in the air. You know it’s true when you see toys upgraded. One of our kids brought home a Bop-It that comes complete with a host of new instructions like, “drink it,” “comb it,” and a little extra sass. The latest Easy Bake oven, celebrating fifty years, looks ultra-modern, comes in assorted colors like white, purple, or black and bakes WITHOUT a light bulb. When did the bulb disappear? Even Monopoly made the news when the manufacturers decided to change the player pieces and solicited ideas for new pieces from the games’ fans. How will we survive without the car, the shoe, or the thimble? Although long-time Bop-It players, bakers, and pretend real estate tycoons may question the changes, they needn’t worry. Watch how our perceptions mislead us:


Today’s toys look different, but companies stick with the essentials, the rules remain the same. Bop-It still gets bopped, food still slides through the Easy Bake oven, and players still buy properties in Monopoly. Before reacting to things we see or hear, it pays to focus on our own fundamental essentials. Regardless of any changes surrounding you, what do you plan to continue doing?  


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emma bruce said...

The song "History Repeating" by the Propellerheads (with Shirley Bassey) comes to mind - "but to me it seems quite clear, that it's all just a little bit of history repeating".

I still wash dishes in a sink and though I have a cell phone I have a spot for it at home where it is left most of the time.

Bethaie said...

Exactly. Some people expect to get a response to texts immediately, as if the phone is glued to us.