Thursday, July 14, 2016

When the Floods Come

Let’s call this season the Summer of the Deluge. We used to feel a few drops of rain and have  time to run for cover, but things have changed. This year, after a few drops fall, you think you have plenty of time to make it to take safety and then—bam! You’re drenched! Pair that with the constant stream of weather stories about massive flooding and it feels like we should be preparing for the next massive flood. Although this guy’s not expecting a second epic water catastrophe, he replicated the perfect structure to hide in. Take a look:  

Imagine two million people adding this tourist attraction to their bucket lists. Maybe the builder nailed the dimensions, but is the structure seaworthy? In tough times, certain people, places, and things may feel like solutions to our problems, but how well do they actually work? Where do you run when life feels overwhelming?      

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