Friday, July 8, 2016

Unsteady But Still Standing

After hearing my complaints about how the face of my watch twisted and how my cell phone flips to weather forecasts for places I’ve visited instead of where I am, someone suggested that I might be an alien. I’m not convinced that’s the reason for what’s happening because topsy-turvy things are happening elsewhere, too. Take a look:


In one study, published in Nature World News, scientists discovered that the disappearance of "informed elder" fish disrupted the group’s regular migration route. Their absence left the group unschooled. A surprising finding, and yet, not really. Traditionally, we’ve looked to our knowledgeable elders to do the mentoring, but what happens when they don’t or can’t? Sometimes, it feels like we’re poised at a crossroad. Despite terrorism, Brexit, and social unrest, what assures you that all’s well?    

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