Saturday, March 12, 2016

Piece by Piece

Once the unusually warm weather showed up, I started checking for signs of spring—and that’s when I spotted what looked like an extreme haircut. Standing alongside the road was a towering evergreen pruned and scooped out so much that it resembled the letter “c.” Poor tree.

The sacrifice was necessary. The pruning prevented the tree’s branches from damaging power lines and plunging the neighborhood into darkness if a major storm blew through town. The township chose uninterrupted electricity over aesthetics, and residents probably supported the trade-off. After all, who wants to be without lights? While certain trade-offs cost more than others, this courageous girl didn’t let the costs stop her:  

I wonder how many of us are brave enough to jump in and make a huge difference in someone else’s life? Many times, change must first start in the most difficult places—in ourselves. What are you thinking about pruning, piece by piece, from your life to create a better you?             

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