Friday, March 25, 2016

Binge Watching

Has the term “binge watching” made it into the dictionary yet? It started when we recorded and watched multiple TV shows in one sitting, then it grew in popularity when companies made entire seasons available for non-stop viewing. Like other addictions, binge watching creeps up on you. At first, you’re looking for a little entertainment or a way to relax after a hectic week. Four hours later, you’re dazed and hooked on a show, forsaking restroom breaks and phone calls.

At our house, we’re tracking several different shows. When Netflix gives us ten seconds to answer that judgmental question, “Are you still watching?” We say, “is that a joke? Yes, of course!” If you’re wondering why binge watching became a thing, here’s one excuse:

Despite having hundreds of cable stations, our family had difficulty finding anything to watch on TV, at least nothing we all enjoyed. Now, we can’t wait to see whether Emma or Cora reach the other side, or read what happens next in our subtitled Korean suspense show—and thanks to Netflix—we don’t have to. Patience and waiting—are these things of the past? Is there anything you still don’t mind waiting for?    

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