Friday, May 29, 2015

Your Last Chance

Consider this your final notice. I receive “final notice” phone calls a least several times a 

week. Telemarketers won’t leave me alone. They say push “3” on my phone to pass up on 

the exciting offer. Well, I pushed “3” last week, and pushed it again this week. Maybe 

next week I’ll yell my response. Since the voice on the other end is a 

recording created by a merciless telemarketing company, my requests are ignored and the 

calls keep coming. At least this guy gets a conversation and a little bit of fun:       


I didn’t know what a cute and creepy laugh sounded like—until now. Why won’t she 

answer the question? I think we know why.  Do companies believe that, after bugging

us for months, one day we’ll change our minds decide to sign up? If you’re 

trying to sell someone a product, service, or idea, don’t make them angry. You’ve 

participated in a heated debate, what helped you change the other person’s mind?   

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