Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pro-Choice or No Choice?

With over one hundred stations available on the radio, I spend more time listening to the comedy stations than the music stations. It’s similar to the grocery store where there’s a wall of cereal options—and we choose corn flakes. Consider the customer who chooses vanilla at the ice cream store, ignoring the other thirty exotic flavors.
A magazine survey reported that the majority of people (36%) only want around ten TV channels, and 22% want five or fewer. So why are we drowning in hundreds of choices?  We didn’t ask for them. Companies offer them. Here’s what happens with too many choices:


If two choices confuse us, imagine what hundreds will do. We hate confusion! So we take short-cuts by eliminating options and focusing on the necessary few. That’s fine for radio stations, cereal, and ice cream, but not for important decisions.
Graduates, life-changers, seekers, we owe it to ourselves to thoroughly explore decisions that matter. Rather than blindly following the advice of family or friends, dig in to find the answers that matter. What decision do you pledge to give careful consideration?            

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