Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trapped in the Middle of It

When’s the last time you played London Bridge is Falling Down? It’s the children’s singing game(make the song a ringtone?) where two kids hold hands to form a “bridge” while the rest of the group files under the pair’s swinging arms. At a certain point the arms lower to lock one unsuspecting “prisoner” in. Once the prisoner is released, the game starts over.

 Part of this scenario plays out every day on Main St. In our town, we’re warned of an approaching train by a cute, blinking, digital train picture at the railroad crossing. The problem is it blinks for quite a while before finally it stops, and then you know 1.) a train is close and 2.) the long, red arms of the railroad crossing will come down to lock you on the tracks, if you’re in the wrong spot. Oh sure, you can maneuver around the arms, if the fear of being flattened doesn’t muddle your thinking. Here’s another situation that might send you into a panic:


 There’s nothing like the feeling of being trapped, whether it’s on railroad tracks, in an elevator, or in a hairy life situation. When we use the right resources, we can manage through most circumstances. One day we might look back at the experience and find a useful life lesson, along with some wisdom to pass on. How do you deal with situations that cause you to feel trapped?   

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