Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Window of Opportunity

 My husband brought two avocados home from the store this weekend. They’re good in a variety of foods, the kids used them for guacamole. The only problem is that you have to eat it quickly because it has a short, refrigerator shelf life. I kept asking, “Hey, when are we eating the guacamole?” No one answered. I should have dived into it by myself. By the time we allowed the flavors to marinate, we couldn’t fully enjoy it. Instead of creamy green, it had turned into a mushy, brown mess which is what happens when a little air gets to it. My advice?  If you want it, eat it. Don’t play with the guac.

As we know, all good things change. Seasons change, family situations change and according to scientists, the world is changing, too. We discussed the wild December 2012 predictions in an earlier post. Now, scientists believe something odd is happening. Have a listen:

Who knows what kinds of ramifications pole shifting will have on the world. Scientists, the military and lawmakers can’t prevent it. So, let’s focus on what we can change before our window of opportunity closes. What impact will you make in your world before the end of 2012?

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