Friday, June 22, 2012

Facing The Past

Last week I saw a TV show that I hadn’t seen in years. You could tell it was filmed a while ago because of the film’s dreamy quality and actors’ clothing. After doing some quick research, I discovered that the show first aired over thirty years ago. Time passes so quickly!

ALF, which originally premiered in the 1980s, featured a witty, fuzzy, brown, sarcastic alien as the star.  Prior to the popularity of today’s reality shows, ALF aired when TV had an entirely different level of innocence. Old shows always contained a bit of spiciness, but nothing like today. 

Just like an old TV show, a child’s school portraits, from one year to the next, indicate the passage of time. Some people believe faces reveal more than the passage of time.  Chinese face reading supposedly tells the kind of personality traits people possess. Here’s a bit of analysis:

I wonder if a scientific experiment would prove the credibility of Chinese face reading?   I can see how our responses to life’s experience might become etched on our faces. When you look in the mirror, what experience does your face reveal about your past?   

Note: Former video exchanged for a more family-friendly one.  


Anonymous said...

I agree that faces are fascinating and certain the trials and travails of time can wear one's face. However, I'm not buying what the video clip is selling. More extensive scientific experimentation would be required to draw the hypotheses, this woman is communicating. There have been many songs about faces. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics, of one, to ponder ... "Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend. Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within ..."

Bethanie said...

Oooh, the darker side of facial expressions. I doubt whether face reading can ever tell exactly what lurks within.