Friday, April 13, 2012

Need Some Help?

Does state law allow you to sit in your comfy vehicle while the gas attendant pumps your gas? Not here! Unless you have a good friend along who will spoil you, you’re a DIYer (do-it-yourselfer).  Given the soaring gas prices, shouldn’t someone offer us a free side of fries with our gas? A soft pretzel or a nice beverage would hit the spot. I’ll settle for a coupon that sends me elsewhere to pick up the treat. Instead we get nothing, zippo, nada, except a receipt that rivals the cost of a four-person dinner. (Insert sniffles and tears here) Where’s the love?

If pumping our own gas is our biggest problem, we’re doing fairly well. After all, we’re a nation of self-reliant pioneers who pick themselves up by their bootstraps and carry on. The home improvement industry capitalizes on our American get-it-done roots. Our DIY projects generate lots of business for places like Lowes.  In addition to stores, books and cable channels that provide advice on home repairs, here’s DIY advice from a few experts:

At least we’re qualified to pump our own gas, maybe. Have you ever spilled the gasoline? I did. Afterwards I went into the gas station convenience store and bought a bottle of water to wash away the flammable liquid. Thinking about it now, that water should’ve been free!  

Despite the potential dangers of DIY, we’ll still tackle them. So, what almost impossible do-it-yourself task have you attempted? What difficulties did you face along the way? 

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