Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What’s In Your Collection?

Whenever our family goes shopping or out to dinner, I’m the one yelling, “Wait, I think we have a coupon!” I love to save money and getting something for free feels even better, don’t you agree? I thought I shopped fairly well until extreme couponing came along. Have you tried it?
Here’s how it works: A shopper uses coupons to buy multiple sale-priced items at the supermarket and then stores the items until needed. Slowly, over time, their homes evolve into private mini-markets. This process takes couponing, if it can be a verb, to a whole new level. The true experts pay a fraction of the actual cost of their groceries. Let’s meet an extreme couponer and take a peek at her stockpiles:

I like knowing that my essential items, such as soap and paper towels, are stored within reach, but when does stockpiling cross the line? How do you distinguish between a smart shopper and a hoarder?  You’ve seen at least one news story of the person whose possessions slowly fill every nook and cranny of their home; some of the worst cases require good therapy. People seem to collect all types of things—stamps, shells, figurines. As a child, I kept a small stone collection under my bed and I always enjoyed the soothing feel of the satiny, smooth pebbles. I believe, at some level, we all have a natural desire to acquire.
Tell us about your collection(c’mon, we know you have one). Better yet, what’s your emotional connection to it?  

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