Thursday, October 13, 2011

The New $50,000 You

One of my favorite cable channels is HGTV (Home and Garden TV). They broadcast a slew of shows ranging from interior design and renovations to staging your home to sell and home buying. One particular show, “Bang for your Buck,” features a real estate agent and a design expert who examine three home renovation projects in a similar geographic area. Each one of the homes has undergone a renovation for the same room, i.e. a kitchen, for the same price, usually around $50,000. The experts review the completed projects, work up the numbers and decide which homeowner earned the biggest bang for their buck. The winners walk away with bragging rights, praise for their great decorating taste and the satisfaction of hearing that their money was well-spent.  
We love to decorate and spruce up our residences, but what if we used the money on ourselves? Judging by the media’s news coverage, many people are doing just that, take a look:

With $50K you’d be able to create a whole new you. Cosmetic surgery can carry a hefty price tag, but with a whopping $50k we could throw in a fitness trainer, spa and salon expert and still have leftovers to splurge on a new wardrobe. That might take care of our outer bodies, but what about the inside? 
How often do we slice and dice our personalities, our personal habits and our lifestyle choices to expose them to the probing light of deep reflection and examination? It’s a useful exercise and it’s free.  Some of the most valuable ways to improve ourselves cost no money, just time, effort and perseverance. You’ve probably heard that some of the best things in life are free. So what’s the best free thing that you have done or could do for you?                


Anonymous said...

Exercise and exercise and exercise!!! :-)

Bethanie said...

Sigh, if only I could get to that gym. Hmmm, maybe tomor--next month!

Anonymous said...

ha, ha! Just take a walk! there's a whole "gym" right outside your door!! (know who this is??)