Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Foodie's Tips

Welcome to this week’s foodie tips. In case you’re wondering, a foodie is someone who loves eating, discussing and cooking food. I enjoy the first two, but the cooking part—not really.  I’d much rather watch someone else cook. Fortunately for me, my kids inherited their grandmother’s and their father’s love for cooking. They plan to be professional chefs so I foresee many wonderful meals in my future. Until then, you’ll find me cooking out of necessity, and when I’m in the kitchen, I keep it quick and simple.
What’s easier to make than French toast? Actually, I can think of a lot of things—soup for one, especially if it’s right from the can, but that was last week’s post. We’re moving on. Tell me, is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy piping, hot French toast for breakfast?  Start with the right bread and your dish will be fabulous. I like to use cinnamon bread, with or without raisins. I call it Double Cinnamon French Toast because there’s tasty cinnamon swirled throughout the bread and then it’s dipped in a cinnamony-egg mixture just before frying. What a yummy treat!  By the way, cinnamon is more than delicious, it’s healthy, too. Nutritional experts call cinnamon a super food because the spice helps lower cholesterol levels. So, for tip number one: use cinnamon bread. But since this is a two-for-one deal, I have a second tip for you.
 Last month when we were on vacation, I discovered a great way to improve on your classic French toast. With limited frying pans, I could only cook one piece of French toast at a time. Once I finished the first piece, I popped it in the oven to stay warm while the next piece cooked on top of the stove. I’ve read a few recipes that describe how to make French toast in the oven, but if you prepare it on the stove and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about seven minutes—you’ve got your own little plate of heaven.  I’m not usually proud of my cooking, but that was the best French toast I’ve ever made, pure oven-toasted, cinnamon-laden, crunchy goodness.
I know these aren’t revolutionary tips, but sometimes our best ideas come from our most unexpected sources and experiences. Here’s an opportunity to pick up a few tips from a lady who’s experienced a long, long life:     

What’s the best life tip you’ve ever received?        

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