Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dirty Side

Alas, I’m not the weather expert I thought I was. During all of our extreme weather conditions, I learned two new weather-related phenomena. Even if you’re not a regular weather follower, you’ll be surprised by these discoveries.   
Did you know that in a section of Venezuela, South America a lightning storm, with little or no thunder, lasts ten hours per night 140 days a year? Scientists believe rising gases cause this activity called Catatumbo lightning.  The region’s local people have witnessed this natural night light display for centuries. After hearing the story on TV, I thought, “What? That’s amazing! How could I not know about this?”
Then, a short time later, with the onslaught of Irene, I learned about the “dirty side” of a hurricane. It refers to the right or easterly side of the storm that carries with it extra power, more rain, and stronger winds. So how come I’ve never heard that term used in any other hurricane-related news before now?  
I thought I had a good handle on weather-related information, but apparently not. Aren’t we like that sometimes? We think we know ourselves until an incident or event occurs and we’re stunned by our ignorance or our responses. Oh yeah, others may say we’re nice, but I believe anyone is capable of anything at any time.  You’ve seen the news reports where neighbors describe the criminal as “the nicest person the block.” Whether we admit it or not, we all have socially undesirable “dirty sides.”
Let’s do some self-discovery. Have you ever taken a personality test? Its reliability may be questionable, but the tests can still be fun, interesting and informative. Grab a pen and paper and try this one:

Did the outcome surprise you? If you’re willing to hang onto a tiger, prepare for a wild journey. Speaking of wild, regardless of the reason, does it seem like there’s a rise in socially unacceptable behavior these days? I know you’re not a part of the problem, so what helps you keep your “dirty side” in check?              

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