Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Walk When You Can Soar?

Winding down a side road the other day, I encountered the dreaded goose parade.  The gaggle of geese meandered across the street as if we had all day to watch and wait for them to strut by. As cars lined the road both directions, the geese took their time, ignoring our impatience. You’ve seen them. They waddle along one direction and just when you think you can pass, one of them pauses and retraces his steps, causing the relatives to follow. And that’s when my blood pressures rises.
We sat for about twenty seconds before a driver from behind broke formation, blared the horn and zoomed toward the geese. If you know anything about these webbed-footed creatures, then you can imagine what happened next—nothing!  I think one of the geese strutted on, raised a wing, rolled her eyes and quacked, “No he did-n’t!”
Why do geese bother to walk at all? After a bit of research, I learned that walking exerts less energy than flying, geese are grazing creatures, and if they’re molting they can’t fly.  Sounds like good reasons to walk.
This situation reminds me of people. Sometimes we forget that we need to walk before we can soar. Preparation comes first. Once we complete the appropriate training, studying and hard work, when we’re prepared, we can accomplish what we’re called to do. I’m sure you have goals. Here’s video to inspire you to achieve them.

How would you complete the following sentence: I’ll feel like I’m soaring after I ______________.      


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Anonymous said...

Ironically i feel like i can soar after i've taken a long walk!