Friday, June 17, 2011

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea Ever—Maybe

It’s affordable, it’s healthy and if you know a father who wants to stay physically fit, then it’s the perfect gift. Perhaps the dad on your list already has one, but if not, this may be the best Father’s Day gift idea ever—maybe.  I’m referring to the exercise balls that measures about two feet in diameter, like the ones you find in the gym.
In April, we bought one for each kid and I’m amazed at how often they sit, lie and play on it while watching T.V. Without any effort, they’re improving their balance and strengthening the much-touted core. Fitness aficionados know that the core refers to the trunk, specifically the stomach and back muscles, but the ball will help tone legs and, given the appropriate exercises, arms as well.
Imagine the special dad in your life—a hubby, a son, an uncle or a brother—using the exercise ball while watching a game. That’s at least two to three hours of unintentional exercise. When he invites friends over, well, let the competition begin! The ball adds another dimension to the visit when guests try to out balance, out exercise, and out trick one another. If you think things could get out of control, hide your breakables now.  Here’s a video that defines “out of control.”

If the dad in your life begins to use the ball like that, don’t blame me. 
You’ll also love this gift because you can borrow it to improve your own balance which, experts say, is crucial for overall well-being. So, how well are you maintaining a good life balance? What are your strategies for juggling life’s most important balls (emotional, spiritual, health, family, leisure and career)?  


Anonymous said...

I don't usually watch "The Office," but I did last night and Dwight was using one of these balance balls. He kept telling Jim how great it was, and he would demonstrate different exercises. finally Jim asks, "Is it expensive?" and Dwight says, "No, it was only $25." So Jim gets up with a pair of scissors and burst the balance and Dwight tumbles onto the floor. Very funny! I used to have one of these. it ended up in a yard sale and then when no one would buy it, i gave it away!!

Bethanie said...

Really? We use our ball all of the time and we paid much less than $25for it.