Saturday, May 21, 2011

We Can See You!

While driving the other day, I stopped at the light and glanced over. My mouth dropped open. Besides fiddling with a phone, the driver in the next lane had a monster-sized wad of paper stuck in his nose. We’re not talking about several ordinary tissues. This paper looked like those scratchy, institutional paper towels that threaten to rub your skin raw and it was sculpted into a perfect circle. I assume the driver had a nosebleed, but I’m still wondering how that huge ball remained suspended from one small nostril.
This is far from the most unusual thing you’ll see as you drive around town. I’ve spotted people applying make-up, shaving, combing their hair and, yes, flossing. I think I saw someone brushing their teeth, too. Are people forgetting that cars don’t have shutters and blinds? If confronted, I have a suspicion that they’d yell, “Just look away!” Here’s a message for people who groom and drive: We can see you and frankly—no thanks!
There is another group of people who often feel invisible—it’s the homeless. They’re easy to see lying on the sidewalks of major cities, but due to our sagging economy, an increasing number of people are moving from homes, to shelters and on to the streets ofsmall towns, like ours. Listen to a few of their stories:

You’ve heard that many people are one paycheck or one catastrophic situation away from homelessness. Today’s homeowners can easily become tomorrow’s homeless.  Charitable organizations in our communities provide various resources to ease the burden of homelessness, but they can’t do it  alone. They’re waiting for your contributions. Let the homeless know that we see them and we care. How will you help the homeless this week?                  


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