Friday, May 13, 2011

The End and the Beginning

I have an annoying habit that could drive some people crazy. Perhaps it all started when I sipped the last bit of juice from a container. Yuk! Instead of enjoying a refreshing beverage, I swallowed bottom-of-the-barrel sediment. I bet you’re familiar with the filmy pieces that lurk at the bottom of a carton. Oh yes,  they float around just waiting to gross you out. I try to avoid the last gulps from beverage containers, especially if a new container is within reach.  I know it sounds wasteful. Believe me, I ‘m not proud of this awful habit. And yet, it doesn’t end there.
I also avoid using the last bit of bar soap, body wash, toothpaste and an assortment of other items. In my defense, I have cut apart a container to scoop out the last bit of lotion so, at least there’s hope. But, then again, I also begin reading a book and before I‘ve finished it I discover other books and begin reading those too. At any given time I’m usually reading several books at once. 
That’s my terrible confession.  Introspection leads me to believe that it’s not necessarily the end that I abhor—it’s new beginnings that I enjoy!  I relish the excitement of starting something new. Hmm, is it too dramatic to apply this same revelation to a tube of toothpaste, a gallon of juice or body wash?  I do like smelling the scent of a new body wash, and it is exciting to—ah, maybe I should get out more often.
Of course, some people like to try new things while others like their “usual.”  Check out the brave kids who branched out and sampled something new.

Right now is a perfect time for a new beginning.  What new activities, interests or life changes are you pursuing?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, if it's confession time: I move my furniture around all the time!! It's good I live alone, so I only have the cats to drive crazy. When I have lived w/ people in the past they had to look before sitting in case the couch, chair, bed, whatever wasn't in the same spot anymore. Not sure if this is because I like change or I missed my calling as an interior decorator. I've been doing this since I was a preteen, which probably explains chronic back problems! I always look at a room and see new possibilities. Do I look at life that way?