Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pillow Talk

Pillows—mounds of them certainly make a bed look more comfy.   I wandered through our house and found that we have over twenty pillows, and that’s just in the bedrooms.  Is that too many?  Whose idea was it to decorate a bed with rows of pillows, anyway? Did interior designers and pillow manufacturers conspire to make a fortune with the pillows-on-the-bed trend?  Some people really get into it and, at some point, it changes from simple decoration to a collection.  Mountains of pillows taking over the bed remind me of the Beanie Babies phenomenon.  Did you own any? There are adults who were crazy about them.  You knew it because those colorful, animal-shaped bean bags filled up their dining room china cabinets and graced their fireplace mantels.  The serious collectors had beanie faces staring out of the living room window like greeters welcoming you into the house.   
Alas, I digress. That’s a post for another time.  Let’s get back to the bedroom.  In the evening, our decorative pillows are neatly stacked into a nearby pile and come morning, they’re lovingly rearranged on our bed—day after day after day.  I don’t think my husband sees the point of this routine, but he humors me.
Check out this video of someone else who has pillow questions:

Whew! This makes our twenty-three pillows seem like nothing!  By the way, is that lady snooping? She sounds like she’s using her I’m-not-supposed-to-be-doing-this voice.  Then again, the boy’s room was picture-perfect, maybe he tidied up just for us.  That boy had a bunch of pillows! 
More than seven pillows on a bed seems excessive, until you consider my theory.  Maybe pillows are our attempt to have a personal sanctuary by creating a comforting environment that whispers security.  In a culture overflowing with busy schedules, a shaky economy and sky-rocketing unemployment, a mountain of pillows on a bed says, “You’re all right and everything is under control.”  If multiple bed pillows aren’t your thing, what offers you peace and a sense of contentment?  Is it your favorite lounge chair, a heaping portion of mac and cheese, a hug from someone special, or is it something else?              


Anonymous said...

I love pillows! But it does get a bit much moving them all around. I currently have pillows shoved in piles not being used. My weakness is blankets, comforters, and throws. Fortunately, I don't have the means to buy too many, but this post now makes me think: they are my "comfort food" if you will. (especially since w/ dieting most real comfort food is off limits!). I like the idea of the pillows and things adding comfort. It is a small price to pay for "contentment" these days.

Bethanie said...

Yes. The small things do matter.